So, today is the day – my kids have gone back to school (Hurrah!) and it’s time for me to ‘start’ my writing career.

Scary stuff.

I’ve been thinking a lot about character development over the weekend. As I said in a previous post (Short story reversing) I’ve got some really good stories filed away that I need new characters for.

I don’t know where other people get character names from. I usually come across them by accident. It could be the name of a plant, like Asphodel (which in the Victorian language of flowers means ‘My regrets follow you to the grave’ – that’s a whole story right there, and we’ve only chosen a first name!). Or the name of a semi-precious stone, like Amethyst, which is thought to have healing properties –  she could be a white witch, or a gypsy who practices alternative therapies…

Sometimes i come across the name of a real person that appeals to me. I found a  ‘Destiny Grey’ the other day – isn’t that awesome?? What a great character that conjures up! Kind of shady, a bit of a trouble maker, a girl with history who explodes into our present and is going to change the future…FOREVER!!!

(Sadly the name Destiny Grey has already been taken for a character. I checked, and if you want to see what she is like, it is here )

As lots of writers will tell you, if you set up a good back story for your characters, they will more or less write your story for you.

But I already HAVE a story…I wonder if they will change the shape of it as I write?