Two blog posts in one day?

Yeah, sorry, but maybe tomorrow I won’t write one at all, and that will make up for today’s double edition….

I just had to come back in and share something.

When I was at secondary school, I had an English teacher in the 5th year called Mrs Worsencroft. It’s funny how some teachers make a lasting impression on you and others you forget in an instant. She was one of the former.

I wrote a creative story for her once in which my protagonist died. I can’t even remember the story now, but I remember I got an A for it, and some remark like “Excellent piece of writing!”. I was so pleased with this, that I killed off every protagonist I wrote about after that for virtually the whole year. I think she got a bit sick of it after a while. The best grade I got after that for the same kind of writing was a B.

I was amused to discover that my eldest daughter (who is an EXCELLENT creative writer) does the same thing. For someone who completely freaked out in The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff this summer (a kind of interactive journey where guests are made to feel like they are actually starring in an episode of the show), she comes up with some pretty horrific tales. Her latest involves an orphaned child who discovers her adoptive mother has been brutally murdered, and has to go on the run to avoid meeting the same grisly fate.

My daughter writes this kind of fiction at school quite regularly. A state of affairs that led her teacher to take her to one side to ask if everything was “ok at home”….

Imagine my delight to read today that “Of the twenty best short stories in the 2011 Best American Short Stories, half of them involved a character dying” *. I literally laughed out loud, and gave a little “Whoop!”.  I may not BE an American writer, but I’m sure its true for writers everywhere.

I think I might seek out Mrs Worsencroft and ask for a re-grade….

* Quote from “Lets Write a Short Story” by Joe Bunting. Sorry if it feels like I am plugging this relentlessly, but credit where credit is due…