Apologies for not having posted for a few days – I’ve been working in my real job. The one I get paid for.

The good thing about nursing, though, as it relates to creative writing, is that you hear some really amazing stories.

I work for an ‘Out of Hours’ General Practitioners service, which means that when the GP surgeries are shut, we take over. We tend to be ‘Jacks of all trades and masters of none’ – we see everything from insect bites and viral infections to acute exacerbations of life long conditions, such as Asthma and Motor Neurone Disease. We treat tiny new born babies, people of over 100 years old and everyone in between.

And we see life and death in all its glory.

People generally love to tell you their story, and we are happy to listen. The miracle baby that the couple were told they would never be able to have; the people who were told as kids would never be able to walk, who defied all odds; the wives who give up everything to care for their chronically ill husbands day in, day out; the elderly ladies who carry pictures of their dear departed husbands with them.

If ever there was a good job to have to give you the inspiration to write, surely this must be it?