Today I am having a writing dilemma.

I am entering some work for the writing competition on The Write Practice web page. It’s a short story competition, and you can enter as many pieces as you like. There is a word limit of 1250, so in essence, this is ‘flash fiction’.

Last week I had a go at my first piece of flash fiction (I used this article from The Guardian for guidance and found it very helpful). I was going to post it here in my blog, and at some point I probably still will, but for now I am thinking of entering it for the competition.

I would really love to write fantasy fiction, or at least, if I ever get ANYTHING published, I would like it to be in that genre. However the piece I wrote last week is…let’s say Modern fiction? (in that it is set in the NOW, or at least in relatively modern times, and doesn’t have unicorns or castles or wizards or flying monkeys…).

With this is mind I decide to enter TWO pieces, and had a go at writing some fantasy flash fiction. It didn’t have any unicorns or castles or wizards or flying monkeys in it, in case you were wondering. But it IS  a tale of magic and monsters and witchcraft, and I sort of fell in love with my own story. That happens sometimes.

A 1250 word count limit for fantasy flash fiction – not as easy as it sounds. Well not for me anyway; my imagination is boundless, and once I started writing it was hard to stop. I had to end it more suddenly than I would have liked, because of the word limit! But I LOVED writing it, and it would be such a shame not to do SOMETHING with it.

So, my dilemma is this – do I enter it as it is, if for no other reason than to showcase my fantasy fiction work (since the web page owner says he reads EVERY word of EVERY story)? Or do I try and cut a middle bit out to make the end better…or do I just make it longer, allow my heroine to play out her story til the end, and save it  for another competition or literary magazine?

Answers on a postcard….(or you can leave a reply if you feel so inclined).