Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

Life has been crazy in the past week or so. Busy with home life; alternately frustrating, heartbreaking and ridiculous at work; BUT exciting and absorbing in my writing life!

I think I have finally found a creative writing community that I am comfortable with. I was searching for one earlier this year, but it is really hard to join a group that has already formed, and who know each other well – they don’t always take kindly to new comers. It’s like going to a new school and trying to find a group of friends to hang out with. People are suspicious and guarded, wary that you might try and spoil their group dynamics or usurp their leadership. They make me want to run home and tell my mum…

However, I have started following The Write Practice, which is all about (no surprises) practicing your writing. You get frequent writing prompts, and are encouraged to create a piece on the given subject for 15 minutes and post it on the blog. And then you can go and look at what everyone else is producing and comment on their work. I’m feeling inspired – there are some SERIOUSLY good writers in there. I know I’m really going to learn something from them, which is exciting and exhilarating.

The prompt yesterday was not so much a subject as a style.  Free writing is what we were encouraged to try, in order to “to unblock the mind and increase cre­ativ­ity and fluidity”. Just writing, without worrying about spelling or grammar or editing – you can always go back to those later – just letting it all go and writing from your heart.

So I gave it a go, and what came out of my pen was a stream of LURVE….where it all came from I couldn’t say, but I REALLY enjoyed writing it. And then I thought back to the Harry Potter fanfic I used to inflict on some good friends of mine, and realised that most of that was about love too.

Apparently I am not just a fantasy fiction writer, but a Romantic fantasy fiction writer.

The fantasy bit has to stay in there though. Reading other people’s posts there were a couple of pieces that stood out for me, but the one I loved the most was about a girl who had wings. The author didn’t say why the girl had wings, other than to say that she wasn’t an angel, so my imagination was sparked right there. And then it was just a few short paragraphs – girls loves boy, boy appears to be in a tryst with another girl, first girl goes crazy and breaks window with fist (I’m summarising here…she wrote it much better than that…). The love triangle thing was great, but I would love to know WHY the girl has wings…and does the boy have them too? Does the other girl? And if not, do either of them know that the first girl has wings, and will it make any difference to how they feel about her if they do?? It’s so much more interesting to me than just ‘boy meets girl’. I hope the author gets her book published, because I LONG to know what the story is.

All this has given me a focus and a direction for my own creative writing. I want to write love stories with a twist. I want to make peoples hearts beat faster whilst making the hairs stand up on the backs of their necks. I want to write about heart broken unicorn tamers who fall in love with shoe-making elves, or romantic tales of  jealous Kings and cake making dragon tamers …

Well, maybe not, but you get the gist.