Does any one else have a problem confusing these two? One of the first things a friend said to me when I was setting up this blog was that I needed to get my head round the difference between posts and pages. I thought I had it all figured out, but apparently not.

I was hoping to have another page on my blog that I could put examples of my writing on, but apparently I have to put them in as posts on my blog page and then categorize them instead. Jolly annoying really, because I wanted to keep my main page just for…ranting about writing.

Sigh. Whatever.

Anyway, if you look at one of the bars above, you will see categories, one of which is ‘stories’, under which I will file example of things I have written. Anything that I deem good enough to send to a publisher I will not post until I know if or when they want to use it.

I will however set up a PAGE where I’ll post links to web pages or blogs I have enjoyed reading or found particularly helpful.    They might be helpful to other writers too.