It must seem like I have deserted my blog entirely. I have been lost in the crazy world of nanowrimo, desperately trying to up my word count day by day whilst holding down my job, bringing up the kids, etc.

We are on day 13, and though I haven’t done a recent word-count check, I would say I have written about 16,000 – not bad, huh? I’m not on target, but I keep telling myself that its ok.

Whether or not I reach 50,000, my story WILL be finished by the end of November. Honestly.

And then it’s going to need a SERIOUS re-write – at the minute my writing SUCKS.


Worse than a toothless old man with facial weakness trying to eat a lollipop.

And most days I am not even enjoying telling my tale. Most days I have to FORCE myself to sit down and type SOMETHING on the page. I keep telling myself the fun will be in the re-write, when I try to SHOW my story rather than TELL it; when I spend time concentrating on sculpting beautiful sentences and meaningful dialogue; when I have time to  reshape it and make it more colourful.

Untill then I am a slave to my tale, and finish it I must.

Thank heavens for these wise words from the irrepressible Chuck Wendig. (click on the link. You’re welcome.)