So…this is my first post in The Thoughtful Button Hook. Welcome!

I’m new at all this, so please bear with me  (which reminds me of my eldest daughter when she was younger. She’s got a bear called Bear. Whenever I said to her “Can you just bear with me for a minute?” she would say “No, mummy! Bear is with me!”).

I want to be a published creative writer. It’s my dream. I’ve always loved making up stories ever since I was little. I used to tell myself (and my friends) stories to help us get to sleep, or when I was bored, or when I had to do a chore like the washing up or raking leaves in the garden. I would pretend I was a servant in a Victorian household, or a small animal taking care of my home, like Mole in The Wind and the Willows.

I’ve got writing in my blood –  my mother and my father, and my father’s father before him  all had various bits and bobs published over the years. I would like to write a whole novel and see it not only as an e-book but in glorious print, with that new book smell and smooth paper pages….

So I have been scouring the internet for tips and tricks, and I learned that these days it is not enough merely to write something and send it off to a publishers in the hope they might like it. Nowadays one has to have an ‘online presence’ and try and gather a few followers so that when you have something ready to be published you already have some people who will be interested to see what you have written. At least I think that is the idea…

If it is something you want to do too, or if you are just curious as to the whole process, you might want to read these:

Clever guys, and worth following.

If you’ve read my about page, you’ll know I am also a mother of two, I live with various pets and also I’m a nurse – my writing career is taking place amongst all of that. So that is what my blog is going to be about! Hope you enjoy it!